Darke Reviews | Iron Man 3 (2013)

Damnit. I Really wanted to write this review as this – “Why are you reading this? Go see it. Nuff said.”

In what passes for good conscience for me, I can’t give you just that. Writer/Director Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Long Kiss Goodnight, Lethal Weapon(s)) delivers a hot mess.The movie doesn’t know what it wants to be. Is it an Iron Man sequel? An Avengers sequel? A study in PTSD? A What it means to be the man in the suit? A conspiracy theory?

Instead of picking one or two of the above it goes for all of the above. It truly has become a jack of all trades – versed in many and master of none. Sounds bad right?

Not entirely. The movie has some moments that save it. Nearly all of them were shown in the trailer, but the full sequences are entirely worth it on screen. There are a few moments that make me sad and a few that made me laugh. Most of the time I was just watching RDJ be RDJ as Stark yet oddly hamstrung by what I am convinced is Marvel interference to set up Marvel Phase 2. Again its not Bad! Just confused. Perhaps bloated? Some effects are overused…and over used. Unnecessary characters added and not enough done with the characters they have – with the exception of Pepper. She’s kinda cool.

I am trying not to dis the movie too much as it has quite a few moments that work and are fun to watch. It has the best Terminator I’ve seen since 1991 and T2. This movies Terminatrix has more threat and menace than the last two terminators combined. The “there’s my boys scene” was nearly worth every penny of admission. The attack on the Malibu house was also well done and held some of the most drama and emotional moments of the rest of the movie.

Then there’s the Mandarin. I can see why people are angry over it. No spoilers per usual, but I get it. I see why they did it as a production company, but it was dumb guys. Do it right or don’t do it. Pick one. There’s also the end. GAHHHHHHHH. NO NO NO.

So where does that leave us for the tl;dr (too long; didn’t read).

Iron Man or Marvel Completest – See it. Matinee or Prime…your choice.
—You DON’T need 3D.

Comic Book junky? – Matinee
— I think this will torque you off more than anything.

If you were unsure – DVD/Redbox will be fine.
—There’s something to the big screen on this and the sound system but pacing issues may bore you.

At the end I want to hate it but can’t. 2.5 other Iron Man movies built up a lot of good will that I cannot ignore. RDJ, Gwenyth and Don Cheadle save it with their natural charisma and charm. I am just frustrated to see a movie and story with so much potential that never leads up to it. It is clearly a Hot mess – I just don’t know who to blame for it. Script, Director or Producers. Possibly all three.

As always I welcome the thoughts and reviews of others.

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