Welcome to the review page of Amused in the Dark.

 What you will find

  1. Jessica is the primary reviewer for Amused in the Dark
    • She is totally freelance and not paid by ANYONE (much to her dismay) to do this..
  2. All new release reviews will be spoiler free.
    • Nothing ruins a movie for her more than even the slightest hint of a spoiler. If you find a spoiler after seeing the movie – TELL HER!
  3. Movies reviewed can be from the Theatre, Netflix, DVD, or whatever other avenue she comes across. This means they can be current, old, or even really old!
  4. Movies reviewed are the ones that interest her. As no one pays her, she won’t see movies that don’t interest her.
  5. No ratings.
  6. A section in every review labelled TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t read). If you don’t want the details – skip to there. She won’t be offended.
  7. Some reviews will link to Amazon if you wish to purchase DVDs or Merch for the films
    • Yes, this means she might get paid, but its for the link not because someone asked her to shill for their film.

What you will not find

  1. Arguing! If you disagree with her opinion of the movie Jess wants to hear it. She respects everyone’s opinion – even if it disagrees with hers
  2. Spoilers on new releases. This was worth repeating.

Reviews by Title

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