Trailers in the Darke | Jungle (2017)

I was watching some recent trailers and this one came up on the list. I generally love Daniel Radcliffe and find anything he touches to be improved by his presence. What leaves me curious however, is this another of movie dealing with the “Green Hell” myth in the same year?

What is the Green Hell? It’s an old term that is used to describe a dense, inhospitable, tropical jungle.  I am wondering why two movies that film the jungle as this have come out so quickly. What fear do we currently have that the jungle is representing? What aspect of our world and our lives are writers tapping into that makes this an ideal topic?

Part of me wonders if some swath of writers think this is why people aren’t vacationing? Mayhaps they are trying to make us afraid of escapism through travel or through exploration? Are they just afraid of exploration?

Neither this or The Lost City of Z  of the movies I am about to list show nature for her beauty, but instead her danger. They only succeed in making us fear the unknown rather than willing to challenge it.

What do you think?



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