7 Reasons Why THE FRAME is the Best SF Film You Should See This Year

I generally find myself agreeing with this particular writer and as a film fan I am excited to see this.

Satyros Phil Brucato

The Frame

Jamin Winans’ new speculative-fiction film The Frame opens worldwide this November. For folks who’ve not yet had the pleasure, Winans’ previous release – the net-cult classic Ink – is an absurdly imaginative urban-fantasy film whose monochrome aesthetic masks kaleidoscopic creativity.  Like Ink, The Frameis a movie Hollywood couldn’t possibly wrap its head around. And although you probably won’t hear a word about it from the Usual Media Suspects, this puzzle-box of a film deserves a place on your gosee-the-damn-thing list, for the following reasons… among many others besides.

  1. The Frame is literally sublime.

The shopworn word sublime means “uplifted; inspiring awe; beyond the threshold.” Given The Frame’s increasingly surreal exploration of the concept of living within boxes, and of trying to escape them, it could be fairly said that the film literally breaks through its cinematic thresholds even as it emotionally uplifts its audience. Transcendence…

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