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Welcome to Amused in the Dark

Jess here

We wanted to welcome everyone to the launch of our own website and blog – Amused in the Dark.  We created this at the urging of several awesome co workers from the job that pays us; for this job that doesn’t (yet anyway). Please feel free to look around and pardon my dust as the site is still under some construction. I’ve been out of web design for a decade or so, please bear with me!

As always we welcome feedback on any review or post you find.

Also we are going to hold our first contest running until September 19, 2014 . This is a Signal Boost request to help us get out there.

  • There will be 5 winners
  • Each winner will receive 2 Tickets (up to a $25 value) via Fandango
  • Rules
    • Entries
      • Follow / Like Us: Here, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Tumblr for 1 Entry each
      • Share our page for 2 entries.
        • Spamming disqualifies you. I can’t encourage that.
    • On the Weekend of the 19th the Admins will tally all entries and draw 5 names at Random
    • Winners will be announced as a reply to this post on the 21st.
    • Tickets must be claimed before October 31, 2014
      • As tickets need to be purchased by the admins, unclaimed winnings just won’t be purchased.


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