Darke Reviews | Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

In the past few years there have been many movies where the trailer for the movie made it far far better than it is (I am looking at you Clash of the Titans). There are others where the trailer fails to deliver a pitch for movie that generates a positive reaction. Jack the Giant Slayer is the latter of the two types.

The trailer for the movie had me doubting Bryan Singers sanity. He wanted to do this? This was his passion project. The man who brought me one of the greatest crime movies in twenty years (Usual Suspects), the man who brought us Professor Xavier, Magneto and Wolverine to screen? This was what he wanted?

Thank whatever deity there is that listens to me that I don’t necessarily trust trailers anymore. (I am still glaring at you Clash of the Titans).

Now, there are things to take into account if you want me to get into the movie. I am by no means its target audience. I am a 36 *cough* 25 year old female. This movie is targeted to boys between the ages of 8 and 15. It has humor in it that adults can enjoy, so you can make it a family affair if you like the work of Stanley Tucci, Bill Nighy and Ewan McGregor.

The director brings us the classic tale of Jack, the sweet, but spacey farm boy with dreams of something bigger. Nicholas Hoult, recently of Warm Bodies and XMen First Class, is as charming as ever. He brings a much needed earnestness to the role. We have our forgettable princess in peril and Jack determined to save her from unexpected Beanstalk growth that takes us to the land of Giants. There and Back Again…oh wait, wrong review.

This is one of the points where the trailers failed, or perhaps TV does, as the giants looked MUCH better in the theatre than they did on screen. The plot is actually deeper than I gave it credit for. I forgive some of the physics and engineering fails that occur within the film as we are dealing with a movie that has Giants, Beanstalks miles upon miles high, and a land above the clouds.

So by now you are asking “Well should I see it?”

– If you have possession of an aforementioned male childling – Yes, though careful if you are worried about their sensibilities at a young age. There are some implied scenes that some parents won’t like.

If you are an aforementioned male childling, in spirit, mind or body (or all three) – Yes.

If you enjoy watching Ewan McGregor ham it up with his best Eddie Izzard impression (intentional or not, I couldn’t quite tell) – Then yes.

If you are a completist for all things Bryan singer – Yes

Otherwise, you can give this one a pass until it’s on Netflix. You aren’t missing a lot that can’t wait.

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